Fri 11 Apr 9.00pm


Meet the Director

Guillermo Fesser, 103min, Spain, 2005, Comedy

This hilarious comedy tells the story of Cándida, a maid in her sixties, struggling to make ends meet to help her two misfit sons. She tries to keep her family afloat as her boys fall into trouble through their off-the-wall adventures. But Cándida's attitude to life and her hard work will soon earn her great rewards in this endearing film that will bring tears to your eyes, both of laughter and emotion.

Cándida Villar, Jorge Bosch, Raúl Peña, Víctor Sevilla, Yaiza Guimare, Toni Morant, Joan Massotkleiner, Javier Ruiz Taboada, Mónica Gª Ferreras, Sole Mallol, Jaime Fesser

Meet the Director (Q & A Session)

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